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Nedshield is a privately held hi-tech company. We serve the Military, Civil Defence, Security and Industrial sectors providing innovative software, bespoke systems and decision support tools for deployable infrastructure (military and HADR camps) and manouvre support.


We also provide a unique offering for drone defence.


Nedshield’s corporate head-office will move from Cham, Switzerland to The Hague in January 2021. The Commercial office and PPE Sales will remain in The Hague with the core software development located in Duiven, The Netherlands. Nedshield has established local representation in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates.



Initially established in 2011 as a solution integrator and technology provider for the Defense and Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (MIL & HADR) sectors, Nedshield focused on discovering new and innovative ways to meet the modern requirements of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). With a clear objective to improve: operational capabilities, efficiency and protection levels, whilst also reducing the logistical burden, energy levels and overall cost, Nedshield was commissioned by the Netherland`s Ministry of Defence to carry out its INFRA2base (I2b) “camp of the future” proposal as a Dutch National Technology Project (NTP).


During the I2B project, Nedshield engaged with various Armed Forces to ensure the interoperability of its solutions and compatibility with its design approach. It formed many R&D partnerships with both global technology companies and leading subject matter experts to incorporate cutting edge technologies and infuse as much operational experience as possible. The project was successfully completed in mid-2016. One of the key outputs of the I2b project was the definition of an integrated mission-camp planning process and the specification of a new software tool.


Through this long and holistic FOB/mission study, Nedshield has gained unique insights and experience and has continued on to develop the “Virtual Base” (VB) suite of software and supporting content. VB now allows for substantial rapid operational improvements in both new and existing missions/camps and VB can reduce standard mission/scenario planning time to a fraction of what is currently the norm.


Nedshield introduced the concept of the creation of a continuous improvement cycle for military bases through the development of the camp Resource Management System (RMS – formerly the DFCC). Here the camps key resources ENERGY and WATER can be optimally managed – along with other important (user defined) functions.


Nedshield Switzerland AG was incorporated in 2015 to specify and start developing the mission-camp software planning tool and generate the supporting global geo-spatial data. With a pure focus on software development, Nedshield has since then created a number of highly sophisticated camp design tools including; multi-dimensional, collaborative design software applications, powered by multi-level database structures and linked object (asset) libraries and has also developed the Drone Detection & Mitigation Solution (DDMS).


Most recenty, Nedshield has developed a powerful 3D Common Operating Picture (COP) capability and recently fielded its latest family of integrated 2D and 3D android mobile applications for the military, and counter -illicit-trafficking (CIT)  missions.