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Infrastructural Integrity System (2iS)

31/01/13 Zürich, Switzerland


Nedshield and TNO – presented for the first time its infrastructural integrity system concept (2iS).


The new concept includes the imbedding of the latest advancements in sensor technology and monitoring systems into various new materials as well as the application to existing infrastructure /structures.


2iS provides the monitored object a physical nervous system to relay key information such as temperature, pressure, flows, chemical exposure and movement back to the central “brain”. This enables current insight is the quality of protective materials.

Future Land Forces Conference

9-10/10/12 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Nedshield – presented its INFRA2base project concept designs at the Future Land Forces Conference 2012.


The project is being developed for the Netherlands Defense force and is aimed at providing a combination of technologies which will increase the ballistic protection of the military Forward Operating Bases and reduce their logistic footprints and energy consumption.

Strangler System

6-10/06/12 Delft, The Netherlands


Nedshield and TNO start developing and commercializing the Strangler System – a new RPG defense system for infrastructure.


The Strangler is an extremely cost-efficient, light-weight anti-RPG 7 system, which can be deployed in all weather conditions and is easy and fast to erect as well as re-deploy.