DIALdb (Defense Industry Asset Library) is a secure web platform for the collection, 3D viewing and distribution of asset information.  DIALdb provides mission designers/architects/planners and buyers of military and HADR infrastructural assets the fastest way to access comprehensive data (functional and physical properties) on assets for design/planning purposes or for in mission operation and maintenance.

Asset information can be utilized and imported into specially designed manufacturer/supplier visualization tools and design environments, allowing various operational and 3D visual models to be created. This also allows for the contextual evaluation of the suitability of a particular product solution, or combination of solutions in given theatre or context. This also enables suppliers to show more accurately the benefits (in a very practical and contextual way) of the proposed solution to the prospective customer as well as better direct their own future product R&D.

For MoD`s, the DIALdb when connected to the Virtual Base application, will allow for scenario based models to be evaluated and compared and allows quick access to a wider range of solutions and solution combinations on an internally collaborative basis.

DIALdb also provides industry suppliers and manufacturers basic information on supplying into Defense Industry and provides full service and support to enter product informational data – including the creation of the 3D file formats, which can also be used in other areas.

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