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Nedshields Virtual Base (VB) software application and content enables military infrastructure planning, design and operation optimization in any context globally. The VB 3D design environment provides the world`s first collaborative development basis for military missions and HADR camps and can be integrated with any existing systems…

The Virtual Base (VB) software application has been developed to satisfy the integrated design and planning requirements of the modern military missions and (HADR) camps, taking into account the widest array of these influencing factors on a global basis with practical technology to both solve issues and secure the highly valuable in-mission knowledge.


Virtual Base allows not only new missions/camps to be designed in the most efficient way, but also allows for existing camps and infrastructure to be analysed and optimized on a collaborative and ongoing basis. Virtual base is scalable from small company sized units to full brigade or division level and from small HADR camps of 1000 persons to 100 000+.


The Virtual Base suite of applications is based on an integrated set of databases which hold all relevant data (such as information on protection, materials, resources (energy, water and waste), communication, logistics, geographical and environmental data etc…

Using its powerful 3D graphical interfaces, Virtual Base affords mission architects/designers, security, management and engineering a far greater insight to not only into the initial camp design, but also a more accurate view of the planned and actual ongoing operation and its cost.


The Virtual Base asset geo-positioning capability is accurate to millimeter level and VB’s data collection apps allow for accurate “as built” rendering.


For procurement departments Virtual Base is able to generate inventory lists, cost and life-cycle information as well as indicate material alternatives for changing threat levels and conditions. Virtual Base saves and stores unlimited contexts, configurations and deployment scenarios (including time-line related information).


The use of Virtual Base speeds up all aspects of camp and mission planning and realization. It allows for the adherence to any defined standard (including NATO/UN guidelines, various STANAG/Mil standards etc.) and is compatible with the NATO Codification System and makes use of the latest NATO joint military symbology. Concepts in the software such as Host Nation enhance the interoperability capability. Linkages are also possible with other inventory and management systems and so Virtual Base can also improve asset visibility dramatically.


The latest developments include; the integration of the Camp Management System “CMS” (which was formerly the DFCC) and the creation of the Common Operating Picture capability within the VB 3D environment.


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