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The SURI (Shelter Unit for Rapid Installation) is a transitional unit which is designed to reduce the overall logistic footprint and increase energy efficiency. It can be deployed in all climates and geographical locations.


The Nedshield version (I2Bsuri) is a specialized unit specifically designed to cater for military deployment.


The main benefits are:

LOGISTICS Lightweight, resistant, easy to transport and can be rapidly assembled. Optimized for all modes of civil and military transport.
FLEXIBILITY Each unit can be joined from both directions, allowing clusters to be formed providing shelters of different dimensions to create any type of buildings within in camps.
LIVING / WORKING CONDITIONS Higrothermal comfort enhancement improving quality of life. Facades are breathable, waterproof and thermally and acoustically insulated. SURI offers solutions for extreme climates.
FILLABLE WALLS Reduced transport costs and difficulties, SURI was designed to be re-fillable once in its destination to reinforce its stability and protection. Local materials such as earth, debris, sand etc…
NATURAL LIGHTING & SOLAR PANELS The design has taken into consideration natural light regulated for optimum temperature and light intake within the shelter as well as providing sufficient energy for light and electricity.
RAINWATER COLLECTION/ WATER STORAGE A water collection system has been designed to direct the rainwater to a tank – externally or internally. After passing through a filter it is converted into drinking water.
LIFE-CYCLE Unit can be re-deployed rapidly ( 2 persons) and materials have been tested to 250 times.
PROTECTION Various levels of protection available from base unit security, to ballistic, blast/EMP and CBRN etc.
ANTI-MOSQUITO and ANTI-BACTERIAL The walls are treated so as to to provide protection against mosquito and other insects as well as bacteria. This is essential to prevent serious diseases in camps located in tropical climes.
LIFE EXPECTANCY At least 10 years (can be extended), 100% UV protected
100% RECYCLABLE AND SUSTAINABLE Based on “Cradle to Cradle design”, all materials are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, making the unit environmentally friendly.