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Nedshield’s  planning and decision support tools bring base camp design and operation to a new level of efficiency and self-sustainability. 

By ensuring that all involved in the design, build and operational phases of the camp life-cycle have access to all relevant data and information, Nedshield empowers users to rapidly create and run (multiple) scenarios early in the design/procurement phase and visualize the impacts of potential decisions.  Scenarios /modelling can be run for financial, logistical, force-protection/security, environmental and operational reasons and take into account the actual context of deployment and the commanders intent as well.

Based on holistic and collaborative principles, the Nedshield software tools allow the highly complex “system of systems” of the camp and their inter dependencies to be understood – especially the working of these in the operation/mission. The Virtual Base software can be implemented alongside established processes and design standards and provides both the platform and methodology to incorporate and retain the extremely valuable field experience which is often lost to rotations and retirement.

Once design and procurement decisions have been made, the Virtual Base system can be used in the mission to help manage operations (see Nedshield Resources Management System – RMS) . 

The dynamic nature of the camp (example, changing threat levels and numbers of PAX, as well as Hand-Over-Take-Over -HOTO situations) can be catered for.  As such, not only can the operational costs over the whole deployment period of the camps be reduced dramatically, but the protection and welfare-levels can be increased.