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“the one thing that we can always count on – is that the reality in mission will be different when we get there…” this view seems to be often the case and highlights the challenges of decision making throughout the chain of command…

Nedshield’s 3D geospatial software applications and platforms (server/web and mobile) allow for new data and insights to be created for enhanced decision support.

Where problems are unstructured, under-specified and the situation dynamic, situational awareness and the application of cognitive intelligence is critical. Potential strategic and tactical solutions require multiple models, mixtures of analytical techniques and various data access and retrieval functions.

These data then have to be used and updated in real-time by all levels/types of users and from their respective domain expert perspectives, and still form an accurate, reliable common understanding.

Nedshield has developed an integrated geo-spatial solution comprising 2D and 3D mobile (android) data receivers, sensor feeds and a global tiling system with open map layers which can be accessed by its Common Operating Picture (COP) system. Nedshield’s COP includes synchronised 2D and 3D visualisation, integrated messaging and sensor dashboards, live-link to handhelds with two variants being developed for both military as well as industrial/commercial use.